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Automic: What plugins and packages are necessary for Analytics and how are they installed?


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When installing Analytics, some portions of the installation are packages and some are plugins. Where and how do we determine what is installed automatically and what has to be manually deployed to all Automic Web Interfaces?


Release : 12.3



Generally speaking, if the component is part of a package, it doesn't need to be 'directly' installed into the AWI. It will, when logging in, move the required objects to the AWI.

This is the case for: This has PCK.AUTOMIC_RULE_SIMPLE.PRV.STORE.WEBUI-PLUGINS which copies webui-plugin-rule-simple.jar to the AWI. This corresponds to Simple Rule UI Plugin 1.3.0+build.701) This has PCK.AUTOMIC_RULE_STATECHANGE.PRV.STORE.WEBUI-PLUGINS which copies webui-plugin-rule-state-change.jar to the AWI. This corresponds to State Change Rule UI Plugin 1.3.0+build.468)

Note, this does NOT correspond to Rules UI Plugin. That is downloaded from the component downloads - Analytics On Premise - Rules UI Plugin - 2.3.0. That one is the manual placement onto the AWI's.
You should see the Simple and State Change Rules in all AWI's however. This does not install the Plugin (that was installed via the download as the Analytics UI Plugin webui-plugin-analytics.jar). The Analytics Package provides the actions for maintaining your analytics install - this should be installed in any clients that need access to the actions. - this does not generate any plugins. It provides files that other action packs utilize.

Generally speaking, if it's part of a package it will move any necessary files to all AWI's, but if its a plugin that is downloaded separately (analytics, rules, pluginmanager, actionbuilder, etc) then it has to be installed on each AWI separately.