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Identity Portal Connector for CAIM won't start


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal CA Identity Suite


When attempting to edit the CAIM connector in Identity Portal, the connector is unable to connect to Identity Manager failing with the below error:

Failed to connect IM via WS, errMsg: Calling webservice Testing connectivity and configuration failed


Test connection failed: Calling webservice Testing connectivity and configuration failed



Release : 14.x



This error can occur due to an import into Identity Portal after a migration. When the customer builds a virtual appliance (vApp) the connector starts with no problem and the customer can log into the user console for the  Identity portal.  The issue occurs after the customer imports data into IP. This is because the import may contain references to the previous connector deployment and the names may not resolve.  


  1. Delete the 'portal' web service in IDM. Take note of the configurations prior to deleting it.
  2. In Identity Portal navigate to management console admin UI > Tools > Select General > and select the Group Info check box and User Info. Save this file off to the side, it will be required to re-import later on.
  3. Delete caim the connector in Identity Portal.
  4. Create a new web service (manually in IDM) and named it portal
  5. Create the new connector in Identity Portal pointing to that manually created web service
  6. Start the connector in Identity Portal. This is required to perform the import.
  7. Re-import all the attributes utilizing the exported file from step 2.
  8. Restart the connector

Additional Information

Please note in order to create/modify the web service in IDM please navigate to Roles and Tasks > Admin Tasks > Modify Admin Task > Search for 'Create web service' > Select Create Web Services Configuration and uncheck "Hide in Menus"