CA View - Recovering from Not Cataloged Tape Errors with report data available in another database


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One of the client's production View tapes was accidentally scratched and overwritten.
128 reports are affected.

They want to know by what method they can bring the reports to the main, very large, database.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


In this instance, as the client's main database is very large, whereas a SARDBASE UNLOAD takes a week to run, the question then was as how to bring their 128 missing reports to the main database, as the general procedure of running SARDBASE UNLOADs and MERGEs would prove to not be feasible.

The client has, during this time, always been able to select reports from the separate database.

As the client's AFP reports are self-contained, the procedure that was recommended was for them to run SARBCH /LOAD on each report, writing each to a dataset, and then using function SARDBB to add the reports to the main database.