Installation of Vertica Fails - Permissions
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Installation of Vertica Fails - Permissions


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The install is failing on permissions

The error we are seeing is:

>> Starting installation tasks.

>> Getting system information for cluster (this may take a while)...

Default shell on nodes:

*.*.*.13 /bin/bash

*.*.*.12 /bin/bash

*.*.*.14 /bin/bash

Detected invalid permissions on /opt/vertica directories on the following hosts: ['*.*.*.12', '*.*.*.14']

Permissions must be set to 755 or higher for install_vertica to work correctly.


Release : all supported versions

Component : Installations


The umask permissions on these systems was changed to 077

A umask of 077 is good for a completely private system. No other user can read or write your data if umask is set to 077.



These systems have been ‘hardened’ for security.

Please set the umask to 002 or 022

And rerun the install.

It is necessary to insure that your security procedures do not interfere with CAPM

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