Initialization of Version Control fails with permission error
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Initialization of Version Control fails with permission error


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


After going through the configuration steps in the documentation the initialization fails:

Version Control is accesible but after choosing "Create New Branch" and entering a new branch name, the following error is displayed in a popup:
User has not sufficient permissions to initialize the repository


Release : v12.2 and higher

Component : Automic Web Interface (AWI)


This happens when the user has no Write access to an object.

Possibly, the object that causes this is a Private Dashboard.


If you don't have write access on some objects but you still want to use Version Control, you have to add the objects to which you don't have access to the client variable UC_VERSIONCONTROL_EXCLUDE.
UC_VERSIONCONTROL_EXCLUDE is automatically created when you first access the Version Control window.

For instance, go to Process Assembly > DASHBOARDS, verify to which Dashboards you don't have access, copy their name and add these to UC_VERSIONCONTROL_EXCLUDE.