OpenAPI access in a Fault Tolerant Data Aggregator configuration


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How to access OpenAPI in a Fault Tolerant (FT) Data Aggregator (DA) configured environment.

How can I access the OpenAPI in Fault Tolerant Data Aggregator installation?

What is the correct host to use for OpenAPI access in Fault Tolerant Data Aggregator installations?


All supported Performance Management releases


In FT DA environments you can:

  • Use Proxy_Host:8581/odataquery to access the OpenAPI tool. It will redirect to the requests to the Active DA.
  • Use Active_DA_Host:8581/odataquery to access the OpenAPI tool.

Note that if fail-over occurs until one DA is in an Active state the OpenAPI tool won't be available or provide a successful response from scripted Odata queries.

Broadcom recommendation is to always use the Proxy_Host for OpenAPI queries. Doing so makes it far easier to manage. Using the DA hosts directly will result in additional administrative overhead in the form of manage which DA is Active at the time to ensure the correct host is targeted for OpenAPI queries.

Additional Information

Be aware of a possible issue stemming from running to many requests. We have seen an issue where the proxy host has issues keeping up with too many calls. It causes DA sync failure, report queries from PC to fail, etc. If this is encountered please open a support case for further investigation.