Sysload PowerVM: Shared CPU Pools domains not available in Console


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CA Automic Sysload


In Sysload Console, when doing a Chart based on a PowerVM Agent, the following Domains/Metrics described in the documentation are not displayed:

Shared CPU Pool - Overall
total number of CPU pools (no)
total size of CPU pools (no)
used CPU unit (physc)(no)
Shared CPU Pool - Specific
pool size(no)
used CPU unit (physc)(no)
used CPU(%)
number of LPARs defined(no)




The descriptive files of the Agent for PowerVM delivered with Sysload Analyst Rich Client 6.0 (Sysload Console) are not updated and do not contain the domains "Shared CPU Pool" that were added in a more recent version of the  PowerVM Agent.


Release : 6.0

Component : SYSLOAD


In order to have the "Shared CPU Pool" domains available, please replace the existing Resource files by the ones included in the Agent for PowerVM kit (also attached to this case):
agtres_powervm_*.res (Sysload Management Server)
PowerVM_*.des (Sysload Analyst Rich Client)

If there are multiple Users, each of them will have to replace their PowerVM_*.des files in the Console installation folder ( by default C:\Program Files (x86)\sysload\console).

Once done, restart the Sysload Console and you will be able to make charts based on the Shared CPU Pool domains, see for example:


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