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Replication of Jaspersoft folder permissions takes longer to replicate across multiple node using RMI cache replication 


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Replication of permissions takes effect about 100 secs later, or it may even be required to restart the Jaspersoft services 

You may also see unexpected permissions errors including:

  • From Clarity Reports and Jobs: RPT-0022: You do not have proper privileges to run the report. 
  • From Advanced Reporting: Error Message Access is denied


  1. Set up 2 nodes. (In this example, using 2x Windows/Linux Server VMs). Use the RMI config option for cache replication
  2. Log in to the first node (Server A) as superuser and the second node (server B) as 'testuser'
  3. Create a "test" folder under root and change ROLE_USER to "Administrator" on server A.
  4. On Server B, refresh the repository and see the "test" folder with "Administrator" permissions
  5. On Server A, as superuser, change the permissions on the "test" folder to "No Access"
  6. On Server B, as the testuser, refresh the repository and notice that the "test" folder has "No Access" but you can make changes to the folder content.
  7. Wait about 100 secs for the "test" to disappear which means the replication has taken effect.

Expected Results: Replication of folder permissions incurs no delays.

Actual Results: Replication of permissions takes effect about 100 secs later, or it may even be needed to restart the Jaspersoft services 


Release : 15.7.1



This is a Jaspersoft defect JS-34144


Fixed in Jaspersoft release 7.1.3

Workaround: Restart of Jaspersoft Services