Resource manager discrepancies between old and New UI


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Clarity PPM On Premise


The use case is:
A Project Manager is given a project.  In order to staff the project, the Project Manager will create open requisitions for specific roles.  In the New UI, on the "Staff" tab, these roles show up as team members of the project.  The Project Manager is able to use the "Resource Manager" field on the Details "fly-out" window for the role to assign this open requisition to a specific Resource Manager.

The Resource Manager can then login to the new UI, navigate to the "Staff" tab, and put his/her name in the Requests Search field and get a listing of all open requisitions assigned to him/her for fulfillment. 

The question is:
What (if any) is the report or portlet in the Classic UI that can show the Resource Manager the same information?  Namely, across all projects, what are the open requisitions that have been assigned to him/her for fulfillment?  If the report or portlet doesn't exist, what field in what table holds this information and maps to the "Resource Manager" field in the new UI?


In Clarity v15.5, Classic UI, there is no OOTB report or portal that can provide this specific detail.  We found that the name entered in the "Resource Manager" field maps to a userid in the table "PRTEAM", in column "Requested_Manager_ID".  That userid maps to the USERID field found in the table "SRM_RESOURCES" and this can be used to convert the userid to a name.


Release : 15.5



Create a custom portlet or report using SQL to provide the requested information in the Classic UI