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How to generate an audit trail of Jasper Scheduled Reports that have been run?


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Is it possible to generate a report to provide an audit trail of all of the Jaspersoft "Scheduled Reports" that have been run?

It would be desirable to see these fields:

  • Report Name
  • Scheduled By/Owner
  • Notification for Report Sent to(To)
  • Report Copied to (CC)
  • Report Subject
  • Notification Sent to(To)
  • Notification Subject
  • Report Message
  • Send Report To
  • Send Report CC
  • Send Report BCC
  • Report Subject


Release : 15.6



There is no out-of-the-box solution to this query. 

  • Some of this information is stored in the Data Warehouse.
    You may query the Data Warehouse to get this information.

  • Some of the information is stored in Jasper Reports files.
    These are not stored in either the Data Warehouse database or the PPM database. They typically exist locally to computers and therefore you would need access to the file system/s, and the ability to read the information.

Providing a business solution to this is out of scope for Broadcom Support. Our Global Delivery or a third party may be able to suggest a solution to meet the business requirement.

Factors that a site looking at such a solution may wish to consider:

  • What is the business need? What is the value/cost of the risk/opportunity?

  • Can it be accomplished some other way? Eg CCing reports.

  • Can you get sufficient information from the Data Warehouse (which is relatively easy to query), to meet the business need?

  • Is it worth getting Global Delivery (or another third party) engaged to scope and quote?