Explaining Discover vs Visualization Event Count Differences


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CA Application Experience Analytics SaaS (AXA)


In the UI for that session, there are 356 events.

In Discover (raw data), for that session, there are 233 events.

The Visualization I created, ABC_Session_Info, has 197 events.

There are 123 events in the UI for the session, that are screenshot events.

If the events that are showing the screenshots are not available as events in ElasticSearch, subtracting 123 from 356 yields 233 events. I'm not seeing that in the raw data.

What accounts for the number difference between the UI, and the data in Data Studio?


The comparison between UI and Kibana is that both of them queries from two different indices in elastic. While kibana access the Raw data which directly comes from the session, where as UI accesses the processed data which is stored in another index in Elasticsearch


Release : SAAS

Component : AXA


The Number of session events in the UI is 356.

The number of session events in the kibana is 233

The number of screenshots in the UI is 123

Total number of events without screenshots-356-123=233