Need to Have Multiple LDAP Groups in Datamaker
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Need to Have Multiple LDAP Groups in Datamaker


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


The problem is with our Active Directory, since only a group of the 5 that we have available can enter Datamaker, for the rest of the groups the entry is not allowed, indicating that they must enroll in another AD group that is only enabled for people of the TDM team that have Super User permissions. 

We have 2 admin roles in AD, and we need both to have access to Datamaker:

- GrpApp_devops_Administrator (Superuser Config in Datamaker)
- Devops_Testing_Administrator



Test Data Manager
TDM Portal


Working by Design


It is the limitation of Datamaker by design that it can be configured with only one AD group and all users who want to access Datamaker should be a part of that AD group.

As of now there are no plans to enhance the Datamaker implementation for handling multiple AD groups.

The option available at your end is to merge all Datamaker users into a single AD group and configure Datamaker with that group.

Additional Information

As per our documentation:

AD administrator must create a dedicated AD group, for example, GT_DM_ACCESS, and must add all Test Data Management users directly. You cannot use indirect membership through another AD group.

Refer to section "Active Directory Integration" in the documentation of the version of ARD you are running.