UVMS Migration Solution
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UVMS Migration Solution


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We need to migrate our UVMS to a new Server. 

We want to know how to proceed?


Release : 6.x and 7.x

Component : Univiewer Management Server


There are two possible solution for UVMS Migration from one Server to a different Server according to your implementation:

A. In case you use an “internal Derby” database for UVMS, the recommended solution is to use the “unibackup” and “unirestore_on_other_host” commands.

The “unibackup” command makes a backup of a UVMS in a new directory but does not back up data in external databases.

The “unirestore_on_other_host” command is used to reinstall UVMS on a new machine from an old UVMS backup (unibackup FULL or DATA). The new UVMS must be installed with an internal database on the new machine (regardless of the old database), with the same node name as the previous installation (please select a Custom installation to choose the node name). The unirestore_on_other_host procedure does not restore data on external databases.

You can consult the following documentation pages for more detailed information:



B. In case UVMS is configured with an “external Oracle or SQL Server” database, please proceed by the following method:

For Cluster option:
1. You will first need to install UVMS UVC and DU on the new environment

2. Create packages (configuration and data) from the old environment

3. Then import and deploy the packages from the old environment to the new environment

For Failover option:
Step 1: Backup the target database

Step 2: Install the first UVMS as a Secondary Fail-Over by following the instruction in section "Cluster or Failover Installation"


Step 3: Install the second UVMS as a Secondary Fail-Over by following the instruction in section "Cluster or Failover Installation"

Step 4: Stop and uninstall the old Primary and Failover UVMSes.

Step 5: Start the new UVMS installed in Step 1. This will become a new Primary failover

Additional Information

The new UVMS needs to be installed exactly on the same version as the source one