Modern UX: Timesheet Grid Page for inactive or terminated resources
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Modern UX: Timesheet Grid Page for inactive or terminated resources


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Clarity PPM On Premise


How does the Modern UX > Timesheet page work?

How does the Status filter work?
There are timesheets in the 'Open' and 'Returned' status, however the users never clicked on the 'Create Timesheet' button and/or terminated already, however still show up.


The button(Create Timesheet) does not need to be clicked in order for the timesheet to be created in the Modern UX.
The timesheet is created when the time reporting period is opened AND the resource entering time scrolls to the time period in the (My Timesheets) page.

If a manager or administrator wants to enter time for the user, the “My Timesheet” section can be used to click the search option to find specific resources for whom they want to enter time for.

The grid behavior is different from the Review & Approve because you can see an instance for the user under Review and Approve,
even if the users have not created their timesheet.

If the reviewer clicks on the timesheet details, it will be blank and there is nothing to review so the grid gives a more accurate snapshot of the timesheet statuses.

Additional Information

The deactivation of a resource, nor the hire and termination dates do not affect the Timesheet grid.
The filter(Active) can be used to filter for resources that are active.

The Timesheet grid page will display both open and closed time periods by design and does not consider the resource term date.

Users are highly encouraged to use filtering such as (resource = active) in order to remove the inactive users from the results.
Any user that has a term date, will need to be set to inactive as best practice.