OBJ2CB memeber was in CCLXASM in R12.3 but is not in R13.5


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CA OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


On z/OS v2.2 with OPS r12.3, we running an assembly and link of OBJ2CB from CCLXASM .  But, that source is no longer provide at the r 13.5 level.

Is there a replacement or comparable?


Release : 13.5

Component : OPS/MVS


OPJ2CBxx is no longer requited as of release 13.0.   We now distribute OBJ2DF already assembled in our load library.    Please refer to the “OPJ2CBxx Modules and the JES2OFFSETSUFFIX Parameter” section of the “Migration from r12.3 to r13.0,” in our 13.5 and above Release Notes for further information.   

Additional Information

From the manual:
 Modules and the JES2OFFSETSUFFIX Parameter
Module OPJ2DF for all supported releases of OPS/MVS now contains default JES2 offset tables for all supported releases of JES2. Updates to OPJ2DF to support any new releases of JES2 are delivered as PTFs. Therefore, Broadcom expects that users no longer build their own JES2 offset table in module OPJ2CB
 using sample jobs JES2ASM and USERJ2CB. 
By default, CA OPS/MVS uses the appropriate JES2 offset table from module OPJ2DF.
In release 13.0: 
  • Sample jobs JES2ASM and USERJ2CB have been removed from installed SMP/E target library 
  • Assembler macro OPJ2CB has been removed from installed SMP/E target library 
  • Existing OPJ2CB
     modules that are built with previous releases of CA OPS/MVS will not be used and will be flagged as incompatible at startup by modified message OPS0049E
In a future release, parameter JES2OFFSETSUFFIX may be removed.