Changes done in ibm_ds_next probe template are not being propagated


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


In this scenario, using template editor, you have changed the auto filter thresholds for disks, by removing the values of "Minor Level 3" and "Warn Level 2" fields:

However, after saving it, the changes were not propagated, and values were not deleted:


UIM 9.2.0
ibm_ds_next 1.13


This problem is solved by deploying ibm_ds_next-1.13-T1 probe version, by executing the following procedure:

1- Deactivate the ibm_ds_probe;

2- Take a full backup of the probe directory located in the respective robot, and place it outside the nimsoft directory structure;

3- Using IM console or Admin Console, delete the ibm_ds_next probe directory;

4- Deploy ibm_ds_next-1.13-T1 probe to the same robot;

5- Deactivate the probe;

6- In the probe directory, replace the "ibm_ds_next.cfg" file with the same file located in the backup taken. This will bring all the configuratons back again. 

7- Activate the probe

Please open a support case, in order to obtain this probe version.