CA View - Upgrading View/Deliver to Releases 12.2 or 14.0
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CA View - Upgrading View/Deliver to Releases 12.2 or 14.0


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When considering upgrading to View/Deliver 12.2 or 14.0, though View/Deliver 14.0 are packaged together, can they be installed separately, or are they dependent on each other?

Are there any customization tips or is this just an easy rollout of datasets?  



Release : 12.2

Component : CA Deliver


Here are upgrade scenarios for View/Deliver, based on your current release:

 . View/Deliver 11.5 can be upgraded to level 12.0, at the highest.

 . View/Deliver 11.6 can be upgraded to level 12.1, at the highest.

 . View/Deliver 11.7 and 12.0 can be upgraded to level 12.2, at the highest.

 . 12.2 is the last release level where View and Deliver are packaged separately, as they are packaged together starting with release 14.0.

In the 14.0 release, though View, Deliver, DRAS, and Web Viewer are packaged together, there are separate FMIDs supplied for each product. 

Having the separate FMIDs, you can control which FMID(s) are to be installed at a particular time.

For the most part, the upgrades of View and Deliver are similar to the upgrade of most other mainframe products, in that an upgrade would involve the implementation of:

. New code and libraries
. Procedures (procs)
. User exits
. Panels and messages

Unique to the upgrading of View and Deliver is that the databases are VERSIONed up to the new release.