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Issues installing portal 4.4 in Kubernetes with helm version 3


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CA API Developer Portal


Trying to install the API portal  4.4 on kubernetes using helm version 3 fails with this error.

Error: unable to build kubernetes objects from release manifest: error validating "": error validating data: [unknown object type "nil" in, unknown object type "nil" in, unknown object type "nil" in, unknown object type "nil" in]
exit status 1

I checked the values file and I saw that it has not value for these objects but , in the documentation it said hat it will take a default  if the  value is left empty .


Release : 4.4

Component : API PORTAL

Kubernetes version : 1.14
helm version: 3
Source of  portal:
Platform: AWS


The Portal Kubernetes install is based on helm version 2 which is not directly compatible with helm version 3 
At the moment you have to use helm version 2.x to successfully install the portal 

Also make sure to pull the updated secrets file from to get access to the bin tray repository .