Is there a way to convert the password in gtrep_security user to Javelin PW?


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


This is related to my request to delete reservations. Is there a way to take the password from gtrep_security_user and convert directly to the javelin password so that we can get security tokens for each user and run the delete simulating each user. I tried using encryptjavelin with and without the second parameter and if I put my normal pw in by hand it works correctly, What I want to do is just straight conversion for user X from the repository into Javelin.


Release : 4.7

Component : CA Test Data Manager


No, not supported.

Product Management had a discussion about this topic, and agreed that implementing such functionality will be big security breach and too risky, and would like to avoid it: any user with access to encryptjavelin meta function would be able to pretend that he/she is someone else in all situations where Javelin encrypted password is accepted (including using the privileges and permissions of such compromised user although the password itself would be still hidden to attacker).

They feel that the correct resolution is the new functionality which they are currently working on - allowing administrators to control reservations also for other users. This new functionality may be available as soon as TDM 4.9.