Spectrum is not updating interface information for Viptela devices


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  • Spectrum is not updating interface information for Viptela devices.
  • This is causing a mismatch between CAPC and Spectrum for these devices.


  • When reconfigurations are enabled in Spectrum, Spectrum monitors ifnumber, ifStackLastChange, and ifTableLastChange.
  • Unfortunately ifTableLastChange and ifStackLastChange are not supported by Viptela.
  • When the ifTable on the device changes, Viptela does not update ifnumber. 
  • Since those 3 attributes are not changing, this causes an index mismatch between CAPC and Spectrum since there is no trigger mechanism for Spectrum to perform an automatic rediscovery of the interfaces. 


Release : 10.3.2 10.4 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


1.  Open a ticket with Viptela to have them support ifStackLastChange and ifTableLastChange as these are standard mib 2
2.  Find out if the Viptela devices support any form of change management traps. If you can get a trap to fire from the devices when there is an ifTable change we could then use an event procedure on that trap in Spectrum to trigger the reconfiguration. 
3.  Create a script that runs in cron to reconfigure the devices on a schedule basis (daily, weekly, monthly).

Additional Information

Example reconfiguration script:

@echo off
SET VNMSH=C:\Spectrum\vnmsh
pushd %VNMSH%
%VNMSH%\show models mth=0x6a40011 >C:\Windows\Temp\mh.txt
for /F "tokens=1-4 skip=1" %%A in (C:\Windows\Temp\mh.txt) do %VNMSH%\update action=0x1000e mh=%%A