PAM Server appliances in different DNS domains
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PAM Server appliances in different DNS domains


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


My installation has different regions each of them with different DNS domains and I have to install PAM servers on those sites.
Is this environment supported? Can a multisite PAM cluster have nodes in different DNS domains depending on the site location?


Product: Layer 7 Privileged Access Management
Version: 4.1.X


The PAM appliances of an installation may belong to different DNS domains and this should not be a problem, as far as the DNS servers be correctly configured to allow direct (name to IP) and reversed (IP  to name) resolution to all of them and to the devices they should access.

Additional Information

Please visit the following technical article to configure the PAM Server appliances to be able to resolve devices names in all the DNS available to the installation:

How can I configure multiple DNS Suffixes for a PAM appliance ?