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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


UIM 9.20 on w2016

We are searching to remove the "edit dashboard" option from the Unified Dashboard - cabi - summary dashboard gui for users that have in cabi only the roles: ROLE_USER and ROLE_UMP_USER (or the whole line where this option is located)


Is it possible in the Unified Dashboard – Cabi – Summary Dashboard to remove the line:

If the total line cannot be removed, is it possible to remove the Edit Dashboard option?



Release : 9.2.0 and higher

Component : UIM - CABI


 The "Home, Reports, Filters, Edit Dashboard" toolbar is part of the UMP CABI Dashboard portlet itself and it is not possible to remove this option from UMP CABI Dashboards.

The Dashboards directly in JRS do not contain this toolbar and nor does CABI Dashboards via the Operator Console. Creating a custom CABI Dashboard, once published and a new portlet / custom dashboard assigned within the UMP by default the toolbar in question is available / added. 

A workaround would be to remove the "CA Business Intelligence Dashboard" tab from the Unified Dashboards menu within the UMP. This will force all users to access the Operator Console for access to CABI Dashboards and as noted earlier, the OC CABI Dashboards do not have this option.

Additional Information

To use the dashboards, a CA UIM user must have the following ACL permissions:

* List Viewer - To view reports
* Report Designer - To edit and create dashboards and reports

The following accounts are set up in CABI as part of the installation:

* Any CA UIM bus user (non-account user) has ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR and can manage users and reports within an organization.

Warning: Do not modify the CABI_REST_ USER account in CABI Server. This account is required to synchronize users, roles, and organizations in CABI Server.

Permissions for Dashboards -

Tibco Jaspersoft JRS 7.1.1, Managing Roles -