Multiple external MySql nodes in cluster for CA Performance Center


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When running the Sizing Tool wizard to allocate resources for CA Performance Management environment, under Fault Tolerance option, there is the option to configure the number of external CA Performance Center (PC) MySQL database nodes:

But when doing the CAPC install, there is no way to specify more than one instance of the MySql database for clustering purpose.


Although the Sizing Tool shows the ability to enter a given number of external database nodes, at this time only one CAPC is supported in CAPM environment, which would have one external MySql database only.


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration
Performance Center


CAPC 3.7 added the possibility to externalize the MySql server, as explained in the documentation: 

However, at this time only one MySql server is supported in CA Performance Center. Clustering with MySql has not been tested.
So, although the Sizing Tool wizard have the choice to enter a given number for the "Number of external PC Database Nodes" option, actually only one external MySql node is supported. 

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Reference for the Sizing Tool: