CA-RA Linux Agent Upgrade patch 10197 fails (New bundle)


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We try to upgrade our environment agents to the patch 10197 from and the agent upgrade has failed. Server upgrade went fine but when I tried to upgrade the agent, it failed with following error:

Agent upgrade failure: 


Warning: bad syntax, perhaps a bogus '-'? See /usr/share/doc/procps-3.2.8/FAQ

FATAL: Starting the old NAG up at /root/LisaAgent

FATAL: Could not start the old NAG up

FATAL: Exiting


The wrapper.log file says "ERROR  | jvm 1    | 2019/10/17 21:43:50.319 | Failed to find the bak file. file:/root/LisaAgent-ranagupgrade-new/"



The above error in the old script is due to a defect, which got addressed in the new script which can be downloaded from New Linux agent-upgrade-bundle-linux-x86-64-


Release : 6.6



New agent script bundle. Please find instructions below on running the agent upgrade script. (script file:

$ cd /tmp
$ mkdir agent-upgrade
$ cd agent-upgrade
$ unzip /path/to/bundle/ or agent-upgrade-bundle-linux-x86-64-
$ chmod +x busybox
$ ./busybox ash /path/to/agent

After the upgrade is done, it’s safe to delete /tmp/agent-upgrade.

A backup of the old agent directory will be created at /path/to/agent-ranagupgrade-old. It's leave to end user choice whether they want to delete or keep it for a while.


Additional Information

1: Windows agent can be upgraded via ASAP UI (Doesn't require this script)

2: Linux Agent will be upgraded via scripts been distributed with cumulative. The new script is attached below.

3: Solaris agent can still be upgraded via existing feature i.e. ASAP GUI, as there is no change to that. (Doesn't require this script)


Note: From 6.7 onward the agent upgrade will be part of the GUI, where the Windows, Solaris and Linux agent can be upgraded via UI. Please note in this complete flow the upgrade logic change is only made for Linux (excluding Solaris) agents, where currently the script need to be copied manually for upgrade from 6.7 it will be distributed automatically by system.