Duplicate Timesheets and both are Posted
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Duplicate Timesheets and both are Posted


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We found a resource in Production that has two Posted timesheets for the same time period. They are not adjustments. This is causing issues with the month end financial processing since the users hours are double what they should be. You can see the duplicate timesheets in the classic timesheets view, but not in the new UX. 

We also see that this user has duplicate entries in WIP for that time period. What can we do to fix this? 


Release : All Supported Clarity releases 


This is caused by DE52315/DE52238, in review with Engineering. 
As solution, in 15.8 there will be a new Clarity job in UI that will detect and remove any duplicate timesheets prior to posting. 

Ask the user to adjust one of the duplicate Posted timesheets back to 0 on each task, and then post it.
Then once the financial jobs run, the amount should be corrected again.