How to Increase Memory on the ARD HUb
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How to Increase Memory on the ARD HUb


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


When migrating flows stored in a local directory that contains subflows the import will fail. Flat flows import as expected. 

There is a message that says "Migration completed with errors, The following flows were not able to be migrated". The flow referenced will be a subflow contained inside the flow we are trying to import which suggests an issue when these are being unpacked.



ARD Client Version -

ARD Hub Version - 3.0

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer


Not enough memory on the ARD HUB.


Increased the java heap space for the ARD HUB, this is a recurring problem for windows deployments of the HUB when it is not set high enough during installation. We recommend 4 GB the customer had something like 250 MB

Additional Information

How increase memory on the ARD HUB:

  1. type : tomcat9w.exe //ES tomcat9 
    • Here, tomcat9 is the server name. you can use different name as well.
  2. go to Java tab of UI and increase both sizes.