Synchronize button in USER throws Error in function 'recv':'connection reset' (error code: '10054')
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Synchronize button in USER throws Error in function 'recv':'connection reset' (error code: '10054')


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


Automic admin has Automic integration into Active Directory LDAP and wants to switch it to LDAPS.  In doing so, they are getting the following error when "Synchronize" their LDAP User:




Release : 12.2.x and 12.3.x



In Automic UI:

Automic Admin had to update the original ldap object:

  • UC_LDAP_<Domain Name>
    • Here your Server Key is probably set to port 389 or 3268
      • For LDAPS - the default port is 636 or 3269
      • You also have to set:
        • VERSION = 2
        • TLS = Y

Then you have to update our LDAPSync.xml:

  • Once again you have to update the port to 636 or 3269
  • update "useSSL"="true"

Finally, to connect via LDAPS you need a certificate, this will be provided by your LDAP Team! This certificate will need to be imported into the default Java keystore that Automic is using:

IE: echo %JAVA_HOME% set to:

C:\Program Files\java\java-1.8.0-openjdk-


  • C:\Program Files\java\java-1.8.0-openjdk-\jre\lib\security
  • Import the certificate you from your AD Team (example adcert.crt) into Java's keystore: (example):
    • keytool -import -keystore cacerts -alias myadcert -file adcert.crt -storepass changeit

Then Automic will be using LDAPS.

Additional Information

For more information please consult:


which covers the topics as well.