The Metric "ICPIF - Average" fails to provide reporting results
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The Metric "ICPIF - Average" fails to provide reporting results


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Vendor Certification = Cisco IPSLA Jitter Precision Statistics

Metric Family = Response Path Test Jitter

Metric = Maximum ICPIF - Average

Metric = Minimum ICPIF - Average

Metric = ICPIF - Average

All three of these metrics (above) appear to be part of the PC Vendor Certification (above).

Both metrics "Maximum ICPIF - Average"  and "Minimum ICPIF - Average"  produce reporting results.

However, the preferred metric "ICPIF - Average"  produces no reporting results.


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


The reason this metric is blank is the MIB used by Cisco IPSLA Jitter Precision Statistics doesn't have any MIB object to support the metric "ICPIF", so that is the reason the expression field for ICPIF - Average is empty.


Reviewing the Cisco MIB and we see that the value of ICPIF is available only for the IPSLA latest tests and the metric is collected used in the Vendor Certification "Cisco Latest Jitter Precision Statistics PreCreated".

You can review this by looking at:

Data Sources->Data Aggregator->Monitoring Configuration->Vendor Certifications
Search for: Cisco Latest Jitter Precision Statistics PreCreated

If this otherwise meets your needs this could be moved ahead of the "Cisco IPSLA Jitter Precision Statistics" Vendor Certification in the "Response Path Test Jitter" metric family by locating the Metric family in the metric families list, clicking the Vendor Certification Priorities tab, click Manage and move "Cisco Latest Jitter Precision Statistics PreCreated" ahead of "Cisco IPSLA Jitter Precision Statistics"