Rally - "Error setting value for field" message when uploading an attachment
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Rally - "Error setting value for field" message when uploading an attachment


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When trying to attach a document to a work item in Rally, the following error is presented:

Error setting value for field [Artifact]: Cannot connect object to value, Artifact value is in a different workspace. [object workspace OID=<Workspace OID>, value workspace OID=<Workspace OID>


This can be caused when the user has a browser that is referencing two different workspaces or project hierarchies. 



Check the user's profile to ensure that a default project is set, otherwise, there may be workspace context switching occurring as different work items are being accessed.  Also, please confirm that the default project is set to a project in the workspace for the artifact where the user is trying to add the attachment.

If the user is accessing two different workspaces in the same browser session then it may be necessary to close the browser window that is accessing the workspace that doesn't need an attachment uploaded.

If it is necessary to simultaneously access multiple workspaces at once, using multiple browser profiles or using two different browsers such as Chrome and Firefox will also resolve the issue.

This issue can also occur when the user's default login page (example:  dashboard) has an application that is accessing a project from a different workspace.  

This was also found when using the Work Views page.  The page had a filter for specific projects and the global scoping for projects was set to a project in the same workspace BUT in a different project Hierarchy than the projects selected in the page filter.