CA View - Abend S0C4 in EBCXMCIC Module in 14.0
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CA View - Abend S0C4 in EBCXMCIC Module in 14.0


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In upgrading from View 12.2 to View 14.0, in installing the CICS pseudo-conversational interface, when they enter a View transaction they receive a S0C4 abend in module in EBCXMCIC.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The client had a modified EBCCICUX exit in 12.2, and attempted to use the same module in their upgrade to View 14.0.

The source provided in the View 14.0 EBCCICUX exit source is different from the source that was provided for the View 12.2 exit.

It was suggested that the client use the 14.0 source as the starting point, adding their changes to that.

Upon assembling the new source, the client created a valid module.