Changing location of Javelin extensions
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Changing location of Javelin extensions


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Javelin is
using %programdata% to store the configuration of the extensions. The
infrastructure provider is preventing us from using the default %programdata%,
we have to use a separate folder on another disk. Is it possible to change this
location in Javelin (by altering the javelin.exe.config)?


Test Data Manager


As part of Javelin 2.0 release in TDM version 4.3, the location of the extensions folder was moved from
"C:\Program Files(x86)\Grid-Tools\Javelin\Extensions"

This was an intentional change.
Below is the documentation page for reference. 

Javelin (


The extension's location is hard-coded in Javelin code and cannot be changed from outside.

Just as a suggestion, what could work is a junction point to your desired drive/directory (so Javelin would still work with the expected location but the files would be saved somewhere else).
But as far as we know there is no integrated tool in Windows for this (maybe its not true for latest Windows versions) so you would need to get such tool first - for example from System Internals site.
Also we are not sure how it would play with their security settings.