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Getting the following error running SD Jobs on Linux: "Exit code 1 indicated possible error [SDM228001]"


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Delivering Software Delivery jobs to Linux machines they are marked as failed with the message "Exit code 1 indicated possible error [SDM228001]"


The exit code 1 is a value returned by the executed procedure that can mean the last executed action failed or can mean that exit 1 is a normal termination.


Release : 1402



Review the executed procedure to check is it has an "exit 1" to end the process. It is better to use "exit $?" so the real exit code will be returned instead of 1.
If not, check if this exit 1 is acceptable or not to mark the job as failed. It applies to any exit code too.
If the non 0 exit code is acceptable, it needs to be defined on the procedure with the parameter $#ec:<exit-code> and in this case will be $#ec:1
The available parameters can be checked at Procedure parameters