DSM-Explorer is slow and showing errors like AMM003004 or 'Cannot Execute the request. The Api Server does not respond. [SDM070002]'


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DSM-Explorer can be slow and show errors like AMM003004 or 'Cannot Execute the request. The Api Server down't respond. [SDM070002]' due to heavy load from other processes.

One of the possible overloaded processes can be amObjectManager.exe that manages all query requests from other components including scheduled evaluations of Software Policy Groups and Computer Groups done by the Engines.
Also several Collect engines can affect amObjectManager.exe with a lot of requests.


A possible reason can be related to short evaluation intervals or wrong ones like 0 that keeps the evaluations done continously.


Clarity Client Automation - All versions


The following sql queries will help to find short evaluation intervals for Computer groups and also Software Policy groups so they can be updated in DSM-Explorer:

For Computer groups run the following query to show Computer Groups using Queries and ordered by evaluation interval:

 cgd.label AS 'Group name',
 cqd.label AS 'Query name',
 cgd.eval_freq AS 'Eval Period (secs)',
 DATEADD(ss, cgd.last_eval_date_time, '19700101') AS 'Last evaluation'
FROM [mdb].[dbo].[ca_group_def] cgd
INNER JOIN mdb.dbo.ca_query_def cqd
 ON cgd.query_uuid = cqd.query_uuid 
order by cgd.eval_freq

For Software Policy groups run the following query to show Software Policies linked to Computer Groups with Query and ordered by evaluation interval:

select swp.name as 'Software Policy name',
  swp.qevalrate as 'Software Policy evaluation interval',
  cgd.label as 'Linked Computer Group',
  DATEADD(ss, swp.qevaltime, '19700101') AS 'Last evaluation'
from usd_job_cont swp
INNER JOIN mdb.dbo.ca_group_def cgd
 ON cgd.group_uuid = swp.qtemplfold
where cgd.query_uuid <> 0
order by swp.qevalrate