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Unable to publish to target database and getting error as missing table


Article ID: 144630


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Number of tables to publish: 1
Repeat count: 1
Publish folder: C:\ProgramData\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\\Jobs\

Status Table                         Table Location                 Seq Rows Comments
------ -----                         ----- --------                 --- ---- --------
Publish <Table_name>                     DBO                           1 1 Inconsistent table definitions.  Please check the log file.
                                                              table <Table_name> is missing from target


Logging progress at: 2020/02/06 03:15:11
0 generated duplicate row(s) removed for table High_t21_8
0 error(s) for table High_t21_8


Test Data Manager
TDM Portal


 You are getting this error because, the table ( <Table_name>) which you are trying to publish to target database (<Target_database>) does not exists.
If you want to publish to target, make sure the table exists in your target database