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What happens to booking status for a Hard Booked Resource if the Project Manager changes allocation details?


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If a resource has a hard booking status, will it revert back to soft if the project manager changes any of the below:
  • % default allocation
  • allocation start and finish dates


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  1. If the Default Allocation is changed:
    • The allocation that the Project Manager (PM) has set will go into planned allocation, and booking status changes to mixed.
    • Once the Resource Manager (RM) changes it back to hard, the allocation the PM proposed for default allocation gets moved to the hard allocation segments
  2. Similarly with allocation date changes:
    • If the PM changes the resource’s allocated dates for the project, the booking status changes to mixed, and the proposed date changes show up in the planned allocation segment section.
    • Once the RM changes the status to Hard, the updated dates from the PM show up in Hard Allocation.

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