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[VMTP] Nqmetric and Nqinspectoragent not running on multiple VMTP machines


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CA Application Delivery Analysis MTP (NetQoS / ADA)


 Multiple VMTP machines attached to an ADA console and all of them are showing the nqmetricd and nqinspectoragentd services are stopped.


Windows + RHEL Linux


This is caused by an application definition with issues being synced down from the ADA console to all VMTP machines. These issues can include:

1) The application has special characters in the description that cause the Nqmetric service to break when reading the new list of apps.
2) The application has a port definitions list that is too long
3) ADA somehow allowed the user to create duplicate definitions for the same application


Try to remember the last application definition that was created and delete it. If an application with a broken definition is created, ADA will force you to sync and the effects (breaking the VMTP) should be immediate.

If you are unable to delete the application ensure that it has no special characters in the description and the port definition is reasonably long.

If you application requires a lengthy port list, try breaking that single application into multiple (same description, different port ranges)