Scratch Virtual Tape Volumes not being deleted from NFS directory:
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Scratch Virtual Tape Volumes not being deleted from NFS directory:


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Vtape Virtual Tape System


When Vtape virtual volumes are backstored using the USS Backstore feature, running a batch Vtape 'scratch/sync' job to scratch eligible-to-be-scratched virtual volumes will not delete the associated virtual volumes in the USS filesystem.  These virtual volume files are located in the various 'groupnn' sub-directories of the parent 'triplex' directory (the virtual volume files appear as 'Vnnnnnn.VVE').  



Release : 12.6

Component : CA VTAPE


The filesystem permissions for the 'groupnn' sub-directories are not set to allow 'group' or 'other' write access, thus preventing the batch scratch/sync job the authority to delete the virtual volume files that reside in these directories.  This batch scratch/sync job normally runs under a userid NOT associated with the Vtape task or the owner of these 'groupnn' sub-directories.


For users with an existing Vtape system using USS Backstore, the following command, when issued from the 'triplex' sub-directory (i.e., /a/user01/B2D8BDC6/triplex), can be used to change the permissions of the 'groupnn' sub-directories: 

chmod -R 777 *

Note:  'Superuser' authority may be needed to issue this command to avoid permission errors.

Additional Information

Note:  If the above changes are not implemented for an existing USS Backstore Vtape system, Vtape will retain old virtual volume data in the USS filesystem, and this data may eventually be overwritten when new scratch tape mounts request the same virtual volume.