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SLO window options source and target displays dupes and does not persist the chosen selected source and target


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The SLO source and target chosen does not remain/persist when the Edit button is selected again. Also too many extraneous/duplicate host entries persist in the display which makes it much more difficult to make a desired/accurate selection.


Release : 9.0.2

Component : UIM - SLA_ENGINE


The SLA-> Edit SLO window presents options for QOS, source, target and a few other options.

Originally the customer had to struggle with too many duplicate entries for source. The numerous source duplicates would show up
in uppercase, or lowercase, or short versus long name and there were so many that it was difficult to select the correct source-target combinations. Furthermore, the selections made would have to be re-selected each time as they did not persist.

The first step was to use the SLM->portlet to Merge any LIKE QOS that contained data that was still being collected. In some cases the merge operation was merging QOS from UPPERCASE to lowercase sources, and in other cases/scenarios for customers, from FQDN to short hostname but that is dependent on each customer and what changes they made to their UIM profiles/configuration/QOS.

In the SLM portlet-> we chose Tools-> Database Status, then chose the QOS needing to be merged and selected 'Get Statistics' from the hover options so that the first and last sample data would be displayed for each row in the table, for raw and historical data. The merges performed in this case were merging old data under the uppercase source TO the lowercase source where the current data (see 'Last sample'), was being collected. It should display the current date and time and a significant number of rows. Most of the time, that is the proper direction to merge in.

To resolve the issue of the multiple source entries it was not enough to simply merge the data to its current source, target and origin. We also had to delete Object(s)/rows from the S_QOS_DATA table via Tools->Database Status where there simply NO data whatsoever, e.g., the QOS was no longer being collected or they were older entries with little or no rows of raw or historical data.

Once all of the QOS objects that had no data currently being collected or simply no data at all, were deleted, then the Edit SLO window showed only the valid QOS entries (source, target) and no uppercase (old QOS) duplicates.

Then the selections made for the SLA/SLO remained intact and persisted as well and there was no need to select them manually, each time.

"How to cleanup duplicate/extraneous/uppercase-lowercase source values in the SLO dropdown list so they no longer appear"

The source values in the SLOs only come from rows in the S_QOS_DATA table. So, if you very carefully examine the source data you need to delete, based on the QOS object, source, target and origin, you can either Merge or Delete the row/rows and the entries will disappear in the SLM portlet Edit SLO window view. But be careful that you leave the QOS, source, target and origin combinations that constitutes the  QoS data that is still being currently collected.

-- First examine the SLM portlet, Tools-> Database Status results for the QOS object(s) related to the SLO you need to cleanup data for,
-- and note the S_QOS_DATA entry/row entries you need to KEEP (those that show the current data/timestamp in the "Last sample" column...
-- Then you can move on to delete the entries/duplicate sources you no longer want to see in the SLO drop down list.

You can use the SLM Portlet functions such as Tools->Database Status, or run queries such as:

select * from s_qos_data where qos = '<QOS_OBJECT_NAME>' and source like '%<hostxxx>%' and target = '<target_name>' and origin = 'abcdefg_hub'

delete from s_qos_data where qos = '<QOS_OBJECT_NAME>'  and source like '<specific_hostname>' and target = '<target_name>' and origin = 'abcdefg_hub'

Then check the SLA->and Edit the SLO, to display the dropdown list in the SLM portlet, and the Quality of Service ->SLO source drop down list should no longer display the other extraneous/bogus entries you don't need nor want.

The Edit SLO view should finally then show ONLY the relevant sources/targets, and it should finally persist the selections made.