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Task bar Icon Broken for ARD


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


The icon for ARD 2.12 is just a blank page the Windows Task Bar



Release : 3.0

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer


Support is unable to recreate the behavior you are describing. When I pin the ARD application shortcut to the Windows Task bar, I see the expected ARD icon.

What do you see when looking at the shortcut on the Desktop?

I'm not sure how to begin to troubleshoot this since it's not controlled by us. This is purely controlled by the OS. Check the Desktop Shortcut properties to make sure the shortcut is pointed to the correct install location. If the shortcut is pointed to the wrong location, correct the shortcut, and re-pin the application to the Task bar.

If it is correct, or if you don't have a shortcut on the Desktop, I suggest:

  1. Unpinning the shortcut on the Task bar
  2. Launch the ARD application, which should cause the ARD icon to appear on the Task bar
  3. Right click on the ARD icon on the Task bar
  4. Choose 'Pin to taskbar'
  5. Close ARD and verify the shortcut is still pinned properly to the Task bar.