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EEM: /opt/CA/Directory/dxserver: No such file or directory


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When trying to control EEM services from the command line, an error is displayed indicating that the /opt/CA/Directory path does not exist.

[[email protected]:bin]# ./dxserver stop all
Cannot change directory to: /opt/CA/Directory/dxserver
/opt/CA/Directory/dxserver: No such file or directory


Release : 12.6.x

Component : CA Embedded Entitlements Manager


Create a symbolic link to resolve the issue:
  1. Create the directory /opt/CA/Directory: mkdir -p /opt/CA/Directory
  2. Once the /opt/CA/Directory directory is created, we need to create the symbolic link to the actual location of the EEM files required to run EEM:
    ln -s /opt/CA/SharedComponents/CADirectory/dxserver /opt/CA/Directory/dxserver
  3. Now, you should be able to list the contents of /opt/CA/Directory path and see that there is a dxserver link to the location /opt/CA/SharedComponents/CADirectory/dxserver. It will look like this:
    dxserver -> /opt/CA/SharedComponents/CADirectory/dxserver
  4. Finally, start the EEM services: dxserver start all