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PAM-CMN-0435 Error When Trying to Add Access Methods


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM) CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager - Server Control (PAMSC)


When trying to add an access method to a device, the following error appears.

When adding an access method in the GUI:

When adding an access method in the API:
error": {
code": 400,
message": "Bad Request: PAM-CMN-0435: Device may not have applets if not of typeAccess."


The error will occur because the device is not properly configured as an access device.

If you view the device in the GUI, you will see the following:

If you use the API to get the device list, you will see the following:
{ "deviceId": "2001",
deviceName": "AD - lvntest000356",
domainName": "",
description": "", "os": "Windows 2012",
deviceGroupMembership": [],
typeAccess": "f",
typePassword": "t",
typeA2A": "f",
provisionType": "Local" }


To resolve the issue, update the device to make it an access device.