Importing a View into OWB: 'Improper Argument' Error due to Custom Sort
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Importing a View into OWB: 'Improper Argument' Error due to Custom Sort


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I have imported a View into Open Workbench (OWB) that works in a previous version of Clarity. The View imports correctly, but when I click on the view I get an error:

"Cannot create view window Encountered an improper argument.."

After you click OK another error appears:

"Encountered an improper argument."

After clicking OK on that message Open Workbench will completely close.


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This problem may be caused by importing a View that includes a custom sort. To confirm if this is the case launch Open Workbench, and right click on the View in your Library. Click "Edit".

On the "View Definition" screen go to the "Sort" tab, and see if any fields are present. If so you will need to delete and recreate the Sort.


  1. Right click on the view
  2. Click Edit
  3. Click on the Sort tab
  4. Note the information in the Sort fields, you will need to recreate the Sort, so having the information will be helpful
  5. Select each line and press the "Delete" button on your keyboard to remove all lines on the Sort. Only one blank line should remain. Click "OK"
  6. Save the changes and confirm the View now works.
  7. You can then attempt to re-add the Sort information that you noted in step 4. Save, and it should now work.

Additional Information

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The Documentation for Open Workbench and how to create Views is located here: Display Project Plan Data in Open Workbench Views