Identity Manager Date Picker displays wrong month
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Identity Manager Date Picker displays wrong month


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Suite


CA Identity Manager (IM) includes the ability to define any field on a profile task as a screen-defined logical attribute. You can use these screen-defined logical attributes to manipulate objects locally within the scope of that profile screen or modify physical attributes in the object store. For example, you can use screen-defined logical attributes to capture a note or a warning on a profile screen, or process a user-supplied value before storing it in the physical attribute.

When defining a screen defined logical attribute with a "Date Picker" style defining the display and storage pattern as 'yyyy-mm-dd' or 'dd-mm-yyyy' the month attribute does not display the correct month. 

Sample steps to reproduce this issue (using UK date format):

1. Login to CA IM User Console as an administrator.
2. Navigate to Tasks - Roles and Tasks - Admin Tasks - Modify Admin Task and search for 'Create User' and select.
3. Click on Tabs
4. Click on the pencil next to 'Profile'
5. On the 'Screen' setting select browse
6. Select 'Create User Profile' and click edit
7. Click 'Add' adjacent to 'Add 1 Rows of 1 fields before each checked row or at end'
8. click on the pencil adjacent to spacer.
9 Set the following and click apply:

'Attribute' = '|Birthday|'
'Style' = 'Date Picker'
'Name' = '|Birthday|'
'Date display pattern' = 'dd-mm-yyyy'
'Date storage pattern' = 'dd-mm-yyyy'

10. Click OK
11. Click Select
12. Click OK
13. Click Submit
14. Navigate to Tasks - Users - Manage Users - Create User' 
15. Click on Create a new User and select OK.
16. Click on the Birthday date picker and select today's date which will appear incorrectly.


Release : 14.x

Component :
IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)
Identity Suite (Virtual Appliance)


Formatting issue


The date picker format must include the month in capitals.  For example: 

'Date display pattern' = 'dd-MM-yyyy'
'Date storage pattern' = 'dd-MM-yyyy'

Additional Information

For more information on Screen-defined Logical Attributes please refer to the CA Product Documentation (see link below)