CA View - Receiving Error on Hyper PTF SO11540


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In putting on CA View PTF SO11540, the client received errors. 


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


From the errors, the conclusion is that modules SARGCS, SARSDI, and SARMHL were updated with PTFs which were never ACCEPTed.

In this instance, for SARGCS, the Distribution library contained the version from the original installation of the product (CBRME00).

SARGCS was later updated from an APPLY of PTF RO95789.
An APPLY will place content in the Target library.

The message was saying that the version of SARGCS is not the same between the Distribution library and the Target library.

Therefore, if PTFs RO95789 and RO95792 are ACCEPTed, that will update the Distribution library version of SARGCS.

For the SARSDI module, that would call for an ACCEPT on PTF RO98741.
For the SARMHL module, that would call for an ACCEPT on PTFs SO04387 and SO09495.

To include all of those PTFs, the following ACCEPT statement could be used:

ACCEPT SELECT(RO95789,RO95792,RO98741,SO04387,SO09495).