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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Automic Admin is attempting to use the variable  "VERSION_MANAGEMENT" and set to "N".   Unfortunately this does not work. Whether I set the value to "N" or "Y", every time a new version of the object is created and in the tab Version Management the old version can be restored.


Release : 12.3



Variable OBJECT_AUDIT set to Y


Automic Admin also have the variable OBJECT_AUDIT set to YES. This setting implements the following:

  • Created and renamed objects
    Logs the details of objects that were created or renamed.
  • Moved objects
    Logs the source and target folder of objects that were moved.
  • Imported and transported objects
    Logs import and transportation times. Contents of the XML and transport files are not included in the revision report.
  • Started and restarted tasks
    Logs the start time which is the activation time.
  • Modifications at runtime
    Logs modifications at runtime which includes modifications that are made via monitors or concerning states, for example. In the case of JCL modifications, the JCL is not written to the revision report. You can see it in the object's report.
  • Aborted tasks
    Logs tasks that show an abnormal end.
  • Deleted or restored objects
    Logs the details of objects that were deleted or restored.
  • Object modifications
    Logs changes of object definitions such as modified priorities or start types. It includes the old and the new values in that it shows the part of the object's XML structure that includes the modified.
    Not logged are:
    • Modifications that were made by using AE script
    • Status modifications of Sync objects
    • Contents of Variable objects,
    • Modifications of Calendar objects
    • Accesses of any kind
      Logs accesses to objects and folders including successful accesses and access violations which occurred due to restricted AE authorizations.

Important! You need to activate the entries SECURITY_AUDIT_FAILURE and SECURITY_AUDIT_SUCCESS in the UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS variable for this purpose. For more information, see SECURITY Parameters.

  • User Logon/Logoff
    Logs the times at which users logged on to the system or off.

Therefore this encompasses the VERSION_MANAGEMENT and technically sets to a (Y) YES.

Additional Information

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