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Avoid downtime when upgrading Spectrum in a Distributed, Fault Tolerant environment.


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CA Spectrum


Avoid downtime when upgrading Spectrum in a Distributed, Fault-Tolerant environment.


Release: 20.2.x

Component: SPCCSS - SpectroSERVER Core


If you have Fault Tolerance, you can avoid downtime of a  Distributed Spectrum System upgrade as follows:

  1. Have all the users log into one set of OneClick systems
  2. Shutdown the Primary and all other OneClick systems that are not being used. Users will be failed over to the secondary systems.
  3. Upgrade the Primary and OneClick systems that were shutdown MLS, SS and then OC.
  4. Start the upgraded Primary and OneClick systems
  5. Have users log out of the old OneClick systems and log into the new upgraded OneClick systems
  6. Shutdown the Secondary and other OneClick systems that have not been upgraded and upgrade