Unable to connect to ALM through TDM Portal after ALM upgrade to 12.6
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Unable to connect to ALM through TDM Portal after ALM upgrade to 12.6


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Our ALM servers were upgraded to 12.6.  We were given a new URL to connect to them.

If I use the old URL we can connect, but it can't find the project in ALM (because they moved)

If I use the new URL I get "Failed to login to HP-ALM. Username or Password may be incorrect." in the TDM Portal.

I have tried our credentials outside of TDM and they work. 

So my questions are.  
1) Do we need to update anything if the ALM version changes?  
2) What are all the places that need to be updated to the new URL?  

I updated in Grid-Tools\GTHPALMService\GTHPALMService_ConfigEditor and Grid-Tools\ALMBatch\ALMBatch_ConfigEditor )
and then bounced ALM service and the Portal to have those changes take effect.


Test Data Manager
TDM Portal


The way the integration works, TDM uses the Broadcom compiled Interop.
TDAPIOLELib.dll communicates to the ALM client dll (installed on the TDM server), which in turn send the request to the ALM Server.
All the components (TDM dll, ALM Client dll, and ALM server) must be a compatible release for the integration to work.


The authentication issue was due to not having the new ALM Client DLL installed on the TDM server.
After working with the ALM team to get the ALM 12.6 Client DLL installed, the customer was able to connect to the 12.6 ALM Server via TDM.

Both configurations for the Grid-Tools\GTHPALMService\GTHPALMService_ConfigEditor and Grid-Tools\ALMBatch\ALMBatch_ConfigEditor will also need to be updated, and the services restarted for the changes to take effect.