No reports generated for SLA in a Customer


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CA Spectrum


Create a new SLA for an existing Customer:

However, when try to create a report for that Customer ("SLA Detail by Customer"), the newly added SLA is missing from the report output. Only the previously existing SLA are showing in the report.

And if try to create the report for that newly added SLA with "SLA Detail By SLA Name", it returns the message "No Records Found".


Newly created SLA configuration is missing the association of Guarantees to Service.


Release : 10.3.x

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


When creating a SLA there is an option to select the Guarantees (Availability or Response Time). So while creating the SLA it should be associated to Service, so then that Service will be attached to the selected Guarantees.

Use the following steps:

1. Open the Service Editor
2. In SLAs tab select the SLA having the problem. 
3. In Guarantees tab, select the guarantee (which is associated to the SLA). Click Edit
4. Check if the Service is attached to Guarantee. If not, add it and verify if reports works.