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High Memory Utilization for Array Network device


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CA Spectrum


We are using the CA Spectrum 10.3.2

Issue :  We are getting the High Memory Utilization Alert for Array Network device, around 107 % in CA Spectrum, but on device's tool it shows around 1 % only.


Release : 10.3

Component : Spectrum Certification


The Memory Utilization is located in the following OIDs:


1. Launch the CA/DX Spectrum MIB Tools

2. In Navigation panel, expand the Clickarray Networks, Inc. folder and select the ARRAY-MIB

3. In Contents panel, select the Map TAB

4. Locate and select the sysMemoryUtilization in the Attribute Support pane

5. Then click on "Creates attributes for objects in the attribute support table" button

6. Click on OK button.

7. The sysMemoryUtilization was successfully mapped to a custom attribute.

8. The sysMemoryUtilization is mapped to 0xfff0003c attribute ID (CA/DX Spectrum will map to the next available custom attribute ID, so you may see a different attribute ID)

9. In the Attributes TAB of you Array Network device, select the following attributes ID from the left hand side and "move" to right hand side:
- sysMemoryUtilization (0xfff0003c) (this is an example of custom attribute ID - you may have a different ID)
- NRM_MemoryUtilAttr (0x12e36)
- NRM_MemoryIntelPref (0x12e34)

10. Change the value of NRM_MemoryUtilAttr (0x12e36) attribute ID. It must match with the value of your sysMemoryUtilization (custom attribute ID). (In my example below is 0xfff0003c).
Also ensure the NRM_MemoryIntelPref (0x12e34) value is 2.

11. Right-click on the Array Network device in question, select Reconfiguration and then select "Reconfigure Model"