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SpectroSERVER crashing in libvhmvmware code


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CA eHealth CA Spectrum


SpectroSERVER crashing in  libvhmvmware code

The following is seen in the stack trace of the core/mdmp file over and over again:

00000021`71564940 000007fb`bbdb1e46 : 00000021`63dae090 00000021`715df020 00000021`71564ad0 00000021`71564ad4 : libvhmvmware+0x11abf
00000021`71564a90 000007fb`bbdb1e46 : 00000021`63dae090 00000021`715df020 00000021`00000000 00000021`71564c24 : libvhmvmware+0x11e46


A corrupt association in the SpectroSERVER database


Release : Any

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


As a work around, move the the $SPECROOT/SS/Modules/libvhmvmware.dll file out of the $SPECROOT/SS/Modules to a temporary directory and then restart the SpectroSERVER. This will prevent the SpectroSERVER from crashing.

Open a case with Spectrum support to have the core/mdmp file analyzed further to identify the models associated with the corrupt association and resolve.

When resolved, move the the $SPECROOT/SS/Modules/libvhmvmware.dll file back into the $SPECROOT/SS/Modules directory and then restart the SpectroSERVER.